Social Enterprise & Micro Business

Social Enterprise & Micro Business

Castlebridge has a long track record of working with Social Enterprises and Micro-businesses and Startups to help them

  • Define and develop their Data Management strategies
  • Understand their regulatory obligations in relation to data
  • Identify and develop market niches for new products or services for data management or data privacy

We are highly regarded for our practical and pragmatic insights into how smaller organisations can think differently about their information assets.

Social Enterprises & Not-for-Profits

communityWe believe that organisations providing socially important services should be able to access the best advice and training possible at costs that are within their price range. By defining a set of bundled service offerings, we are able to help organisations like these benefit from the data that they are processing in a trusted and trustworthy manner.

We work closely with community-focussed organisations, not for profits, and charities to help them:

  • Understand how to operate effective governance and controls to meet the challenges of Data Privacy rules
  • Develop effective strategies for making the most of their information assets to deliver value to their communities
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiencies through better data quality
  • Ensure alignment of the organisation's Information Ethics with their core brand values

Some of Our Social Enterprises & Not-for-Profits


Micro Business & Startups

Castlebridge works with startups and micro-businesses (<10 staff) to provide practical and pragmatic advice, guidance, and training on all aspects of Information Management, Data Governance, and Data Privacy.

Supporting Compliance, Enabling Efficiency

We help you understand how your organisation can apply proven principles to ensure your capability to manage information in a trusted and trustworthy manner scales and grows with your business.

We provide advice on compliance with data privacy laws, data governace, and general information management practices to help ensure you are maximising the trustworthiness of your data operations.

Product Development

Castlebridge works with startups and early stage companies to advise on product roadmaps in the data management, data governance, and data privacy areas. We have also worked with innovative startups to help them apply Privacy by Design principles and practices to the design and development of their products and services from the earliest point in the life cycle.

In addition, our research and development team work closely with leading academic research groups to identify potential opportunities for commercialisation of research in the areas of Information Management, Data Governance, Data Privacy, and Information Ethics.

Some of our Micro Business / Startup Clients

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