Who we are

About Castlebridge

Originally founded in 2009, Castlebridge has become one of the leading providers of impartial advice, training, and support in the areas of Data Privacy, Information Governance, and Information Quality Management. We are also recognised internationally for our thought leadership and research in emerging fields such as Information Ethics (or EIM2.0 as we call it)

We bring a holistic "information-centric" approach to client engagements, seeking to help clients understand how information and its management and governance (or lack thereof) can impact their bottom line and affect their ability to execute on their objectives.

Castlebridge is a research-driven business that works to bring the 'best of breed' in practices and methods to bear for clients, while contributing directly to the development of knowledge and insight in these areas through our collaboration with research consortia such as The Adapt Centre, the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, and the IVI.

Our Vision

To change how people think about Information

  • Bridge the gap between Business and IT through Information Capability
  • Improve business and societal outcomes through trustworthy use of trusted information
  • Empower the Knowledge Worker and Information Citizen equally

Our Values

The Castlebridge Team work to a simple code of values which we try to bring to every project we work on.

  1. Do Excellent Things
  2. Information Shapes Reality
  3. People First
  4. Confidentiality & Discretion

Value Proposition

  • Think Differently: We draw on a wide range of disciplines and experience
  • Research-Driven: We don't follow the crowd, we lead the field
  • Practical: We help you define ways of working with data that... WORK
  • Strategic: We help clients develop strategies to promote and sustain Information Trust

Our Team