What is E2IM

What is E2IM?

"E2IM" is a term we have coined in Castlebridge to describe the next emerging trend in Enterprise Information Management, the evolution of Information Ethics.

E2IM stands for "Ethical Enterprise Information Management" and it is the discpiline of applying ethical principles and practices to Information Management and Governance. E2IM brings together the disciplines of Information Management (e.g. Enterprise Architecture, Information Governance, Information Quality etc.) with less technical knowledge areas such as philosophy and law to support ethical management and design of Information Systems, particularly in the context of Data Analytics.

E2IM is not just a privacy issue. The ethical questions that arise in the design of any inforamtion system can be addressed thorough the frameworks and methods we are developing in Castlebridge, in collaboration with our Academic and Industry partners.

Coming 3rd May 2018

Ethical Information management book cover page

The E2IM Framework

Drawing on 20 years experience dealing with information management challenges, and over 2000 years of philosophical debate, the Castlebridge Ethical Enterprise Information Management methodology combines proven learnings and principles from Ethics, Data Governance, Information Quality, traditional Quality Management and Data Privacy to present a holistic framework for thinking about and addressing Ethical issues in Information Management.

Uniquely drawing on established practices, the E2IM framework allows organisations to integrate Ethical Information Management principles in to existing Data Governance or Data Privacy programmes.

Katherine O'Keefe and Daragh O Brien have written up the methodology (as it is today) in a book due out on the 3rd of May 2018.

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