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Our team are running a number of training events and conferences in in 2015.  In addition, our consultants will be presenting at conferences world-wide. Check our Events Calendar for details and updates!

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Privacy Impact Assessments

Plan for Compliance - Earn TRUST   Privacy Impact Assessments are a key tool in the arsenal of every organisation's data protection arsenal. Privacy can't be inspected into a product or process, it mus be designed in. Castlebridge Associates can help!  

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Subject Access Requests: A Window into your organisation's soul

We recently conducted a 'mystery shop' exercise in collaboration with a client to see how well organisations in their sector were complying with Subject Access Requests under the Data Protection Acts. A whitepaper on our findings and their implications is currently being prepared, but I thought I'd share some thoughts in advance of that publication.

Subject Access Requests are a window into the data-soul of your organisation.

The majority of an organisation's data interactions with their customers (or for that matter their staff) is in the Obtaining and Applying phases of the Information Asset Life Cycle. We take people's data, process it, and spit out an outcome for them. The sausage machine turns and the cycle repeats as needed.

But a Subject Access Request is different.

In this context an organisation has to

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