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Upcoming Training Events

We are running a number of training events and conferences in in Q4 2014, as well as at least one on-line seminar. Details of all our events (and links to book them) can be found on our EVENTS CALENDAR!

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Data Protection Training in South East

Data Protection for Startups and SMEs - 27 Nov We will be running our Data Protection for Startups and SMEs boot camp in Wexford on the 27th November. This course is not your usual Data Protection training and is designed to help small businesses get the basics right and design Data Protection compliance in from the start! Click on the link below to find out more and to register!  

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  • Generic and Bespoke training
  • Practical and Pragmatic Focus
  • Certification Preparation Courses
  • Focus on Measurable Outcomes
  • Data Governance Gap Analysis
  • EIM Maturity Assessment
  • DG Strategy Roadmap
  • Data Governance Roll-out Support
  • Tailored Training & Mentoring
  • Training Needs & Career Planning
  • Certification Preparation Courses
  • Focus on Measurable Outcomes
  • Attitude & Awareness Assessment
  • DP Compliance Review
  • Virtual DPO & Incident Support
  • Data Protection KPI Definition
  • Data Protection Change Support
  • Custom Training & Coaching
  • Skills Gap Analysis & Assessment
  • 1:1 Mentoring for DG Leaders
  • Certification Preparation courses
  • Focus on Measurable Outcomes
  • IQ Maturity Assessment
  • Data Issues Diagnosis & Profiling
  • IQ Strategy Definition & Execution
  • Information Architecture for Quality
  • Key Value Indicator Definition

Recent Blog Posts

Data Privacy Day: The importance of the Information Asset Life Cycle

IBM punchcard, similar to the kind used in census tabulation systems in 1930s

On Data Privacy Day it is important to look at some of the common themes at the root of high profile data protection issues in Ireland and elsewhere over the last while.

From Irish Water to Mass Surveillance, one of the common causes of failure has been a lack of focus on the Information Asset Life Cycle and what that means for the governance of data and information in organisations. All too often organisations and government departments jump to obtain data with limited investment of time or effort in planning for the use, governance, and control of the asset. Whether it is unnecessary collection of PPS (social insurance) numbers for a water utility or the mass collection and retention of passenger name record data for travellers into and out of the EU, the life cycle of information is essential to ensure privacy challenges can be balanced. The Information Asset Life Cycle provides a framework within which we can ask critical questions and ensure appropriate controls.

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